Dechen Wangdi

10 28, 2023

My phone supports dual SIM now!!

My phone supports dual SIM now!!

For the longest time, I was bothered by the fact that my phone only supported a single SIM card. I wanted to use my iPhone with two different SIMs to separate my work and personal life — and switch seamlessly between networks in times of fluctuation. The pain of the phone connectivity dipping while travelling and the need to switch to a different network with a physical SIM tucked away somewhere in the wallet – if they are not lost or damaged already – is a draining job. And let’s talk about the hassle of producing a SIM ejector tool in those moments of need - often improvised crudely from a paper clip to a safety pin. Let’s be honest — We can never insert a physical SIM card when we really need it. Hence, an eSIM makes total sense. Unlike physical SIM, you could use an embedded Subscriber Identity Module (eSIM) on your phone. Convenience, hassle-free, and economical – e-SIM is the future of mobile connectivity.

What is eSIM? Built inside the phones during manufacturing, eSIM stands for embedded Subscriber Identity Module. iPhone models from XR onwards, Apple and Samsung watches, Samsung Z series, Google pixels and many more offer the option to opt for eSIMs by Tashicell. When getting an eSIM, you simply toggle with the settings to get a digital SIM from your operators; unlike a physical SIM card, you use what is already present on your phone.

What are the benefits of eSIM?

Keep SIM safe While travelling outside the country, you can switch to a new operator (using a physical SIM or eSIM) without removing your local number. Most often, losing or damaging a physical SIM card is the biggest worry while travelling, which is one of many reasons you should give eSIM a try. Furthermore, there is no risk of eSIM being stolen and misused.

Multiplicity Have you ever dreamed of an iPhone with dual SIM slots? Well, now it’s a possibility. According to the Apple website, an iPhone which supports eSIM can install up to 8 eSIMs, and you can use two phone numbers simultaneously– other phones that support eSIM can install, on average, 5. No more need for a separate work phone! With an eSIM, you may be able to segregate your work and personal calls more effectively.

Easy changing networks With an eSIM, you can easily change to a new network without driving to a SIM card store. You could be assisted to change into a new network, even by visiting in-person or remotely. However, for now, Tashicell needs its customers to visit customer care for in-person assistance.

With all the upsides and numerous benefits, it’s time to check your phone’s compatibility with eSIM. Tashicell offers free of charge installation of eSIM. Visit their nearest customer care or call @7700 today for the inquiry.


Dechen Wangdi


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