Dechen Wangdi

08 26, 2023

Benefits of Tashi Cell’s Internet-Leased Line

Benefits of Tashi Cell’s Internet-Leased Line

The internet need of every sector is different, and a personal hotspot is not apt to power an office. The speed of mobile data connectivity is different during peak usage. Today, businesses rely heavily on a good internet connection for a smooth and profitable day-to-day operation. Even for the most minor tech-reliant companies, sending an email can constitute a significant part of their communication. Online activities such as sharing files on clouds such as Google Drives are other modes of work that we cannot do without.

What happens during downtime at work? Loss of focus, frustration and straying from your current project. And the rabbit hole of endless scrolls through Instagram. According to an Information Technology Consulting Corporation report, more prominent firms can lose up to $100,000 in revenue by a single hour of internet outage.

Hence, using an internet leased line is one of the best options to solve the inconvenience of unreliable connectivity.

What is a leased line? Simply put, a leased line is a dedicated internet access with a fixed bandwidth.

They are characterized by

  1. Symmetry: Download and upload speeds are the same

  2. Uncontended: The connections cannot be shared with others

  3. Point to point: They connect two points, Internet Service Provider (ISP) to business

Why Tashicell’s Internet Leased Line?

Using other forms of internet connection is still an option. However, regarding reliability, a leased line would never have troubles such as fluctuating speed during peak time. Unlike other connections, speed does not depend on the network traffic and the distance of your business from the ISP. Tashicell’s leased line services are one of the most efficient in the market today. From installation to reasonably priced equipment, you can rely on our fast-paced services to get the work done.

My experience My office mates and I used Tashicell’s 3 Mbs leased line connection initially. Even with half a dozen users, the Wi-Fi speed was never affected. However, when the number of users decreased, we switched to 2 Mbs and still, the speed and reliability were unaltered. The internet divided among individual users is still relatively cheaper than individual data plans. Moreover, having a Wi-Fi connection with fixed bandwidth in your office is a lot of relief, as you can always rest assured that no crucial emails or virtual meetings can be missed. During the lockdown, when we worked from home and relied on mobile data, all the perks of a reliable connection were lost. The internet speed was slow at peak hours, and most virtual meetings were affected. I had to refresh the page constantly to keep tabs on essential emails. Further, while researching for a project, mobile data costs skyrocketed due to many tabs opened on the browser. The Wi-Fi connections due to leased lines are only ever down if for genuine reasons. Even during the rare times when the internet is down, maintenance and repair is only a phone call away.

So what are you waiting for?

Call Tashicell’s customer care today at 7700 to inquire about all their leased line plans and take advantage of the fully assisted set-up and installation service.


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