Tshering Denkar

08 21, 2023

eTeeru as a tool of convenience for Travel Vlogger

eTeeru as a tool of convenience for Travel Vlogger

Before eTeeru, one of the TashiCell digital payments platforms launched on 6th April 2020 in the country, I used to use another payment gateway from several banking institutions upon my convenience and most preferably whichever saving account had more bank balance to mainly recharge, transfer money and to pay utility bills, especially the electricity bill.

However after the launch of eTeeru, I downloaded the app to especially recharge because the users needn’t wait for a special occasion for the bumper bonus offer. Every time we recharge from e-Teeru, users get a 10% BONUS. The other reason I downloaded the eTeeru app is that users can also use the app for banking services to transfer cash into the integrated wallet via online banking or even by depositing money via authorized eTeeru agents.

As a traveller, I usually go cashless because I feel safe when I do not have cash, and even if I get lost, kind Bhutanese people would wholeheartedly host me, so the thought of carrying cash is usually the secondary to-do-thing on my list. Having said that, sometimes, If I really need money, nowadays you find eTeeru agents in nook and canny of the places in Bhutan. A small grocery shop in remote Panbang can facilitate cash withdrawal or purchase things using online banking. Moreover, users can use eTeeru to scan and pay to any bank. For those interested in using eTeeru for remittance, it can receive money from other eTeeru users too.

Besides, eTeeru stores money for the users to pay for groceries, restaurants, pharmacies, and even taxis without using cash. I love the fact that petrol pumps also accept online payment through the eTeeru app. You can also pay Post-paid and Internet Leased Line bills without going to the nearby Tashicell office. You can download the eTeeru app on IOS and Android from the Play Store. Registering is way more straightforward; you only need an active Tashicell number. If you are reading this blog, you are a Tashicell user; all you need to do is download the app and start reaping benefits and bonuses from the app.


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