Tshering Denkar

07 29, 2023

iPhones at the best deal!

iPhones at the best deal!

Did you know that TashiCell is not only a reseller of Samsung phones but also iPhones? Premium phones manufactured by Apple are now available from the TashiCell counter. Embrace the power, innovation, and limitless possibilities that an iPhone brings to your daily life.

I have been using iPhone since the 7 series. The reason why I choose the iPhone over hundreds of different brands of smartphones and gadgets is because of several reasons. Apple's iconic iPhone, in particular, is renowned for the quality of its camera for shooting both video and still images. iPhone delivers the best camera experience on a smartphone. And the camera just keeps getting better. Apple's iPhone boasts some of the best camera hardware of any mobile device.

And I totally agree with that. If not photography, videography is the best for any smartphone, but iPhone uses sleek and stabilized cameras. And the photos and videos captured always turn out surprisingly good. All the content and videos I post on my social media platforms are shot on my iPhone.

Most importantly, in this uncertain world of digital goods, iPhone provides some of the best security options. Unlike many other phones, essential data on your iPhone is encrypted from the start, then protected by your passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. Apple apps like Maps and Safari help keep private all the places and sites you visit. Apple will not sell your information to anyone for any reason. And easy-to-install software updates help protect your device and data from security threats.

The other reason why I use iPhone is because of device compatibility. Since I use a MacBook Pro, it's easier to sync or send documents from iPhone to Mac. Plus, iOS phones are very friendly in downloading apps from the apple store. Users can easily find Bhutanese apps on the apple store, including MyTashiCell App, which I recommend you all download (if you are a Tashi Cell user).

I look forward to purchasing the next latest series of iPhones from TashiCell Counter (touchwood). I hope you drop by to check out the series of both iPhone and Samsung at the Tashi Cell counter because If you purchase iPhone from the TashiCell counter, they have attractive offers available for the phones purchased from TashiCell counters:

  1. FREE eSIM
  2. 19170MB (Diamond Package) every month for 6 months
  3. 20W original Apple adaptor
  4. Phone cover
  5. Screen protector

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