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07 15, 2023

TashiCell’s Top 5 customer care services sites

TashiCell’s Top 5 customer care services sites

Be it the cheerful greeting of an agent on the phone or an easy-to-use mobile app, one of the markers of a good cell phone company is its customer care service. Faced with issues regarding one’s phone, nobody likes to meet a dead end while reaching out for help to customer care. Waiting endlessly over the phone to get a connection or a rude agent on the other end would surely ruin anyone’s good day. Hence, at TashiCell, we believe in providing the best customer care services that match our commitment to serving you wholeheartedly. Here are the top 5 customer care sites that you should know about.

  1. TashiCell Website
    The website is the virtual front door to all the best things that TashiCell has to offer. Combined with a minimalistic appeal, every tab and click takes you to something new and informative. Be it the blog, information tabs on our services, and helpline, our website, customised for mobile phones and desktops, provides access to everything you need on the go. For anyone who prefers web pages over calls or visiting a help centre, is only a click away to meet all your needs.

  2. My TashiCell App
    My TashiCell app is an excellent platform to get all customer care services on your phone. Simple to navigate, self-service tools such as buying data, transferring and checking balance, bill payments, and call details up to 30 days are readily available. And for old-time sake, we also didn’t forget the Tashi tunes; enjoy some of the latest and hit caller back tunes, such as Mo Meeba, Dew Sanjay, and Tshompapo 2, available on my TashiCell app.

  3. Contact centre 7700
    For those who still prefer human interaction, dialling 7700 is one way to connect with a friendly and resourceful TashiCell agent. Our customer service representatives are highly trained professionals who will get you the support you need and also bring a smile to your face. Even at odd hours, the calling services are available to get to the root of all your predicaments. This is why, at TashiCell, we are proud of our team of customer care representatives for serving our customers with unwavering dedication and commitment.

  4. Customer Care Centre
    Spread all across Bhutan, TashiCell has more than 30 customer care centres. They are open six days a week and located in the hearts of every small and big town in Bhutan. Services such as buying new SIM cards or replacing lost ones, installation of leased lines, or even purchasing Samsung phones and other devices are available at these centres.

  5. Social media platforms
    To some, this may come as a surprise! TashiCell’s social media platforms are not only outlets for engaging content and post, but also a great customer care service tool. We encourage you to DM us anytime for all your queries and wait for a speedy response from our team. Remember, the one interacting with you is not a bot but a real agent ready to support you with any query or help.


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