Tshering Denkar

07 01, 2023

My TashiCell App

Did you know we can trace both our call and message records for one month from My TashiCell app?

Hear me out! There is always advantage and perks to using My TashiCell App. The App is just like any banking service app that we use for daily transactions and services. MyTashiCell App is a free self-care customer service app for TashiCell subscribers. The App can be downloaded from the Google Play store and Apple Store and used by Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers.

My TashiCell app allows users quick access to account balance, subscription, package details & usage. Moreover, you can check out data plans with detailed packages and its rate. If you are a leased line service user, you can check out the use of Mbps according to the subscribed plan.

When I surveyed the TashiCell users on the usability and efficiency of the App, most of the My TashiCell users answered that they use the App to recharge their balance since they get 10% BONUS with every recharge. Moreover, the users can recharge from banks, transfer balances and, most importantly, pay leased lines and postpaid bills from the App without physically visiting the TashiCell counter.

Plus, with MyTashiCell App, you can subscribe to Tashi Tunes. I use the App to often change my Tashi Tunes. Life gets dull with the same old tunes for more extended periods. You get options to either choose from the top 10 TashiCell pick Caller tunes, or you may select your favorite track by your famous singer (both local and international artists.

Now here is the spoiler alert. TashiCell App also provides call details for one month. Besides, the App also keeps track of SMS, RECHARGE, and TRANSFER details. If you face any communication or scam on call, you should easily be able to trace it from the My TashiCell App.

Download the App today & reap the benefit of it! My TashiCell App is exclusively for TASHICELL USERS.

For more information, contact TashiCell contact center at 7700 or send inquiries to TashiCell Customer Service team for quick solutions.


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