Dechen Wangdi

05 22, 2023

The reasons why your next purchase should be a Samsung

Samsung has to be one of the oldest names for phones in Bhutan. Before other known brands set foot, Samsung dominated the Bhutanese cellphones market. Interestingly, it continues to dominate and keep abreast with the changing times, with some of the widest range of phones compared to many other brands. Over the years, the trust that Samsung has built in the Bhutanese market inspired companies like Tashi Electronics to become Samsung's official national distributor and TashiCell to become regional distributor in Bhutan.

At TashiCell and Tashi Electronics, all the models of Samsung devices are well-tested for network compatibility and set at reasonable prices and exciting offers so that customers can take full advantage of their next purchase.

Phone markets are getting increasingly crowded, with many brands providing almost the same features and specs on their phones – or as they promise. However, Samsung is still on top of the game with some of the best phones today and a competitive price range. Here are some reasons why Samsung is the best phone for you.

Wide Range

Samsung is known for its wide range of smartphones, with numerous models under six major series. They are Galaxy Z series Galaxy Note series Galaxy S series Galaxy M series Galaxy F series Galaxy A series Each series has a range of smartphones with different memory sizes and connectivity options. The Z series offers the most innovative folding technology today that combines the functionality of a tablet and a phone. Packed with a powerful performance and a long-lasting battery, all in the palm of your hand. In addition, the Samsung S and Note series also don't fail to impress, with wide screens and high-end camera technologies. Samsung has a phone and tablet for everyone, with prices ranging from Nu. 5750 to Nu. 145,990 at TashiCell counters and Samsung Outlets.

Most Features

Samsung is still on top regarding ensuring quality and features. Unlike most phones, many Samsung phones offer fingerprint and face ID scanners. In addition to many features for multitasking and easy user experience, there is also Samsung Dex – a feature that allows your phone to work as a computer. Samsung Dex, available in Note, S, and Z series is hands down the most innovative feature that can turn your phone into a desktop monitor.


Today's biggest attraction in a phone is its ability to set up an ecosystem. Samsung's ecosystem has to be the widest one in existence right now. With a suitable device, you can control not just the Samsung earbuds but also Samsung laptops and tablets. Like its name, the ecosystem is like our galaxy – vast and connected. The benefits of an ecosystem are far and wide such as quick sharing of files and taking calls, giving you all the more reason to invest in Samsung devices.

Easy maintenance

Repairing Samsung phones are more accessible and cheaper than most brands due to the many service centres worldwide and the readily available parts. As the official distributor of Samsung, TashiCell and Tashi Electronics covers 1 year warranty on all models of Samsung Phones.

Other perks

Samsung phones are primarily durable, have a good camera, and have continuous software updates, and the overall reliability makes it one of the best phone brands in the market today. Visit our website at to check out the latest Samsung phones and tablets, or visit our store.


Dechen Wangdi


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