Tshering Denkar

05 13, 2023

Far yet so near

People I met today ask me why I chose to be a traveller and a trailblazer. Of countless reasons why I found my higher calling in traveling is because little did I know about the nooks and crannies, and treasures of the places in Bhutan. Finding literature and travel articles on Bhutan, particularly about places, people, and culture, took a lot of work to find online.

In 2018 I decided to forge into the untrodden places in Bhutan. So I extensively travelled within the kingdom, from lofty unclimbed mountains to sweltering foothills to the last surviving nomads capturing Bhutan's diverse physical and cultural landscapes.

As a traveller, as much as I travelled to places to seek peace and tranquillity, striving to escape the reality of life, I wanted to stay connected to the people, friends, and family despite being miles away from them. What kept me connected was the TashiCell Network.

The most important advantage of having a communication network like TashiCell is the ability to keep in touch with family and friends, even if they are thousands of kilometres away. I could give LIVE updates about my journey when I access the internet networks, using social media, and other communication (i.e., Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok). Additionally, in this way, I could boast about the views and followings on my social media platforms due to consistent postings despite where I was at. I would also instantly share my thoughts and emotions about the places with my friends and fans online.

As a traveller and blogger, I could effortlessly work from any place. The mobile phone network-enabled wireless communication using mobile devices and my favourite 5G router. Being able to work from any location enhanced work efficiency and relevance online and offline. Other times, access to the Internet allowed me to find attractions and landscapes in the destination I had not known about before. This way, I ensured I had made the most of my travels.

I am a big time trekker. Having trekked to almost all the trekking trails in Bhutan. Most of the non-trekkers probably assume that beyond the mountain, the Internet or phone connectivity may be poor; throughout my journey, I have never experienced frustration from network connectivity.

There were only a few times when I didn't have any signals; that was when I was trekking midway through a snowman trek from Paro-Laya. So a few days without the Internet was bearable. Otherwise, one can go LIVE from Jomolhari, Lingzhi, Laya, and the Far East like Singye Dzong!

Besides, what makes me feel at ease when I travel is knowing the fact that I can use online banking services with Internet accessibility, especially in places where there are no banks or bank agents. I remember tipping one of my porters in Lingzi using an online banking service.

Moreover, as a trekker, I always use GPS apps on mobile which require a network. When I am connected to the Internet, then I can find the location where I am in. It has also helped me to share routes with aspiring travellers and for map archival.

In the last 5 years, I have realized the travel journey would only be complete by sharing it with the world through the digital platform.

Thank you TashiCell for powering my odyssey!


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