Dechen Wangdi

05 08, 2023

Keeping up with the change through 5G

5G is the fifth generation of connectivity technology that can revolutionize how we view the internet today. The speed and performance in most scenarios could be ten times faster than the fourth generation or 4G. The low latency period is the significant difference between 5G from other connectivity. This means the time taken for data to transfer from source to destination is significantly lowered. However, the benefits of using 5G are not limited to mobile phones; many more technologies, such as AI, IoT, and virtual reality, could become mainstream, transforming health, education and corporations and making them accessible to ordinary people. TashiCell offers 5G services through cellphone carriers and broadband routers, with incentives such as reduced set-up costs and almost free hardware for installation.

Although new and surrounded by much debate, there are ample reasons to use 5G today. The benefits of AI are far and wide, and it’s increasingly seeing adoption in the workplace. For example, AI can transform HR by making virtual Assistant-enabled onboarding possible, automated document processing, and advanced insights from employee surveys. However, the lack of a high-speed network can hinder data storing, processing, and visualizing on the cloud, which are imperative for AI. Hence, 5G has become the latest and most fit technology to go along with AI in workplaces. Another benefit of 5G in the workplace is making remote working easier. Pixelated video calls, delayed emails and remote attendance tool malfunctioning can all become a thing of the past.

Due to the increased speed and low latency, 5G makes downloading and uploading files and videos significantly faster than 4G LTE. This could make content creators, influencers and gamers niche players in the digital world, making their works glitch-free and without pause. In addition, the audio and videos can be accessed in HD, giving creators the best video and sound editing experience. The influencers marketing industry is expected to grow to a value of $16.4B in 2022, and 5G’s high speed and low latency are another boost for influencers as it allows efficient and faster ways to interact with one’s followers and audience.

The benefits of 5G in business and marketing would be enormous. High-speed connectivity generates more data and insights, allowing brands to communicate with their audience through hyper-personalized content and creating real-time experiences.

However, 5G comes with a range of disadvantages too. The high cost of installing tower stations and the coverage would mostly be in the cities. Cybersecurity could also become a concern with 5G, and investing in more security measures could become necessary. Furthermore, mobile phones need better battery technology for a 5G connection.

For now, what is known about 5G is little, and their actual impact on the ground will be more apparent with time and implementation. 5G will soon reach all the major districts and towns in Bhutan and transform the digital landscape. This is all the more reason and motivation to adopt 5G and be part of the major tech revolutions. Companies like TashiCell are at the forefront of these transformations, welcoming new technologies and ideas for growth, development and positive changes.

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Dechen Wangdi


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