Dechen Wangdi

04 03, 2023

TashiCell network connectivity

Tashi Infocomm Limited is the first private cellular company in Bhutan. Since incorporating in 2007 and launching GSM services in 2008, the company has made a significant stride in the cellular network space in the country. However, providing good network connectivity has been a considerable hurdle due to the country's rugged terrain, which makes it challenging to lay fibre optics cables and the high cost of infrastructure development.

TashiCell is aware of these challenges and the struggle of its users in accessing their services. Therefore, we asked some users for honest feedback on the network connectivity to get a good view and understanding of the current situation.

One of the advantages of TashiCell was the reliability of its network connection. Namgay, a 26-year-old female, has been a TashiCell user since 2018. "I use my phone as a cellular Wi-Fi device, which has powered countless virtual meetings, especially over the pandemic and many hours of Netflix binge sessions. The network has been reliable, and the customer service never failed to please me."

Kinley, a 25-year-old content marketing professional, said he switched to Tashicell after facing network challenges from his earlier cellular company. He said internet service had improved significantly over the years, and he never had to consider changing to other phone networks. However, Kinley pointed out facing connection issues while travelling and on the road. Network connectivity works best when one resides in towns and areas closer to network towers. "As I work remotely, often there are no Wi-Fi services in the cafes and restaurants, and I rely on the phone's cellular hotspot. With TashiCell, I have not faced any issues and have always relied on their reliable network for all my virtual meetings," Kinley said.

Euphel, an employee at a firm, has been a TashiCell user since 2020. While completing her undergraduate degree during the pandemic, she relied on TashiCell for all her online classes. Although the internet connection was stable most of the time, with a few issues initially, she found the internet service costly. "I remember using up a data plan for Nu 777 in a week while attending my online classes. Also, as a student, it was challenging. However, overall, TashiCell has been a good experience both for the internet and calls except for a few times I didn't get connection in underground bars, restaurants, and high-altitude areas." Euphel also finds the exclusive offers through TashiCell mobile application and the giveaways attractive. As a result, she regularly takes part in giveaways and bonus offers.

Gyeltshen, a 26-year-old videographer, started using TashiCell's 5G portable routers for one of his projects. "The 5G network speed was exceptionally useful while uploading and downloading heavy videos from google drive. As my mobile device didn't support a 5G connection, the router was an easy and affordable option for me to access 5G." However, he added that the data package for the router feels more expensive and only lasts for part of the month.

A grade 12 student residing in a remote Dzongkhag had a slightly more mixed view of TashiCell network connectivity. She said, "The Tashicell internet and network is reliable for people around the urban areas as the company offers 5G and the connectivity of both 5G and 4G LTE advanced, faster internet speeds, better coverage, and low latency. However, the network connectivity in the villages, including the 5G internet connection, could be faster. The data plans provided by the company were quite affordable earlier, but now the prices have soared, making it difficult for poor students to access the internet."

Time and again, the high cost of the internet was a recurring point in the feedback; however, some users also witnessed a generally high cost for the internet from other cellular companies, too. There was unanimous feedback on the friendly and efficient customer care services. TashiCell was also notably a favourite among the content creators in the group for their reliable and stable internet connection. Nonetheless, the article helped us understand the diverse user experiences and provided avenues for improvement and further development.


Dechen Wangdi


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