Dechen Wangdi

03 21, 2023

Top five reasons why eTeeru is your best friend

Online banking has often been the seat of some scary fraud and scams. Such cons are usually made easier due to the ease of online banking or inadequate precautions, making you and your money vulnerable. However, using a secondary e-wallet like eTeeru could answer all your concerns. Here are the top five reasons to hit that download button for eTeeru mobile application from the App Store. With easy accessibility and familiarity with a physical wallet, enjoy feeling safe online while shopping and paying all your bills.

  1. Security: eTeeru knows the risk and understands your anxiety while using mobile banking in front of prying eyes and shady sites. That's why the information stored in eTeeru is all encrypted, making it impossible for scammers and thieves to access your money. So, rest assured and no need to get cold feet when completing a transaction at any shop.

  2. Save your money: Ever happened to you? You got your salary, and poor budgeting resulted in a deficit at the end of the month? Even the best of us has experienced that, right? Some people are even apprehensive about banking apps, fearing mindless and impulsive spending. eTeeru, in the traditional sense, is a wallet where you can deposit just what you plan to spend. So it can go well with your budget planner. Allow us to explain - set a monthly spending threshold and deposit in your eTeeru account accordingly. At the same time, you could use your net banking for other essential banking transactions. Remember! Banking apps and e-wallets are fundamentally different in design – the first is made for banking, and the second for daily shopping transactions. And wallets should carry just enough to get you through the month.

  3. Walk Regret-free: eTeeru can save you from shedding some fat tears. Even if you lose anything, you lose less and can walk regret-free. Moreover, only a physical wallet can be stolen, not an e-wallet, since the login and security details are only known to you. While using e-wallets like eTeeru, data transmitted via mobile wallets for payments doesn't communicate the account number. It is a safe bet that scammers wouldn't be able to steal your banking details.

  4. Glitch free: All banking apps work well; in most cases, you may not want an e-wallet if you have net banking that works perfectly. But Banks have rainy days, and so do e-wallets, including eTeeru. So what do you do when complex glitches and system downs occur due to heavy traffic? With all the perks of using an e-wallet, you could also have an alternative. Most people use more than one banking app for this reason, which of course, needs more than one bank account. eTeeru saves the hassles and can be connected to your banks but still are independent of their system. Further, getting started is as simple as downloading an app and creating a user account – all through your mobile devices.

  5. Children's pocket money: It's certainly not easy for you or your banks to open an account for your children; your values and the banks' policies have valid reasons for that. In the digital age, young children could enjoy the pros while avoiding the cons; as parents and guardians, it's your responsibility to create a safe environment for your children – both physical and online. Another perk of e-wallets is that the users don't need a bank account, making it a perfect alternative for young children. Guardians can deposit into their account and give children the freedom to spend and manage their own money – of course, all within the appropriate limit. You could also cash into your eTeeru by paying at the nearest customer care and our agent.

So, if you're still not an eTeeru user, it's time to weigh in on all the perks and get started. Download eTeeru today. For android users click For iPhone users, click


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