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03 13, 2023

TashiCell Internet Leased Line


I am Tshering Denkar, aka Denkars Getaway. 5 years ago, I started my journey as a travel blogger and later became a content creator. As much as my passion keeps me on the road, I must equally commit my time to work from the established workspace.

I started my office with many interns and office colleagues, a space for the content creators. What was important for me and my colleagues was to produce and come up with great content, and the internet service was the most needed facility and service at the workspace. The fast internet speeds are crucial! Since we deal primarily with visual content in the form of videos, we needed stable and reliable internet connectivity. That was when I was first introduced to Tashicell Leased line service.

Now, what is an internet leased line? It’s a Wi-Fi facility with a dedicated, fixed bandwidth, symmetric data connection that allows users unlimited Wi-Fi internet at the speed users subscribe for.

As a startup content creator, I was worried that the internet leased line charges could be over my budget, but upon my inquiry to Tashi Cell service center (which is 24*7 support), I came to know of the different packages of Leased Line services. TashiCell provides Leased Line services for small and more significant businesses. There are the premium and standard packages with a one-time set-up cost of Nu.2500 which is non-refundable. The minimum subscription rate is Nu.1350 for 2Mbps and they give 25% additional bandwidth, which means that it is Nu.540 per Mbps. Find the packages in link below;

One of the best things about Internet Leased Line is their affordability and customer support, which is ideal for homes and small businesses. To add on, they provide service level assurance. However, for all good things to happen, it takes time. Similarly, to fix the Leased Line, a technical team from TashiCell came for inspection upon our request to see the feasibility at our workplace. Within few days, TashiCell Leased Line was set up at our office.

In my workplace of content creators, once we have availed 5Mbps Internet Leased Line, our productivity in posting content on social media platforms, live streaming on Facebook and YouTube, and sending large files online was faster and consistent. Another best thing is that the time we took to upload and download contents online was similar to the time we usually take using our phone data. Our productivity and efficiency at work was backed up by unlimited Internet Leased Line services. If you are a savvy person working with other 3 colleagues TashiCell leased line with minimum monthly package of 2.5Mbps is commendable.

It was worth availing the internet leased line from TashiCell. I have been using another great product and service from TashiCell and I shall write about this particular service in my next blog article.

Visit their nearest customer care centre or call 7700 (24*7) to know more.


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